Joe on January 14th, 2010

This may seem like basic thought, but, just in case someone is taken up with compassion for the desperate Haitians and forgets themselves, here is a warning from the FBI Website:

For Immediate Release
January 13, 2010

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

Haitian Earthquake Relief Fraud Alert

The FBI today reminds Internet users who receive appeals to donate money in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti to apply a critical eye and do their due diligence before responding to those requests. Past tragedies and natural disasters have prompted individuals with criminal intent to solicit contributions purportedly for a charitable organization and/or a good cause.

Therefore, before making a donation of any kind, consumers should adhere to certain guidelines, to include the following:

  • Do not respond to any unsolicited (spam) incoming e-mails, including clicking links contained within those messages.
  • Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as surviving victims or officials asking for donations via e-mail or social networking sites.
  • Verify the legitimacy of nonprofit organizations by utilizing various Internet-based resources that may assist in confirming the group’s existence and its nonprofit status rather than following a purported link to the site.
  • Be cautious of e-mails that claim to show pictures of the disaster areas in attached files because the files may contain viruses. Only open attachments from known senders.
  • Make contributions directly to known organizations rather than relying on others to make the donation on your behalf to ensure contributions are received and used for intended purposes.
  • Do not give your personal or financial information to anyone who solicits contributions: Providing such information may compromise your identity and make you vulnerable to identity theft.

Anyone who has received an e-mail referencing the above information or anyone who may have been a victim of this or a similar incident should notify the IC3 via

Joe on May 24th, 2009

America is in a precarious position; we have elected the most liberal president in history and provided him with a virtually unstoppable majority in Congress.  The foxes are now officially ruling the hen house.

In a short time our new president has succeeded in turning our Homeland Security Department into a McCarthy era team of witch hunters, improved the jihadist terrorist training manual on interrogation techniques, submitted our nation to Islam by bowing to the King of Mecca, made the executive decision that we are no longer a Judeo-Christian nation, pushed our only friend in the Middle Eastern Islamic Sea, Israel, down a river with no paddle, spent us into oblivion with his budget, plunged us into debt that will take two generations to even begin to pay off, rashly closing of Gitmo before establishing a workable plan on how to do so,  nationalized our banks and auto manufacturers…..  And that is only the things that have made the headlines!  Just think how many things Obama has done quietly behind closed doors.

Tax tea parties are not going to stop this insanity.  Americans will come out to protest if you can show them that they will have to pay fifty dollars more in taxes, they historically do not get motivated if it does not take money from their pocket.  This is exactly what this president and his Congressional cohorts are counting on.

What this Administration is doing to this country, the higher taxes, the ten-trillion dollar spending, the left wing ideologues in appointed seats from one end of Washington to the other, are all going to set the U.S. so far back it will take decades to recover.  This president is tearing down a foreign policy that has taken two hundred years to build up.

The grass roots movement of the tea parties has to adopt a wider lens to view the political landscape.  Taxes are only a small part of what “change” we are getting from Obama.  There are more issues with higher levels of importance than just a few extra dollars in tax.  The president’s inclination toward some version of Islam and kissing up to Arab dictators causes terrible concern and outright danger to America and the American way of life.

Let’s broaden the platform of the tea parties before July 4, when the next major event is scheduled.  We must make it known to Obama that we do not accept his kowtowing to Islamic terror supporters and thugs.  We do not want Homeland Security turning into a population control arm of the White House.  Let’s remind Israel that we are friends and a support in the front lines of the war on terror.  Let’s tell the Islamic despots of the Arab nations where to go.  We MUST take control of the hen house again.

Joe on May 5th, 2009

President Obama, flanked by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman anounced the new measures the Administration is launching to close the tax loopholes and catch the dirty evaders, how utterly preposterous.  Standing there on the stage was the chief evader himself, Mr. Geithner.

I know I have said this before, but, this country needs a genuine resistance movement.  Our president has audacity alright, but not for hope, he has in your face – I’m going to stick it to you whether you like it or not audacity.  To stand in front of the nation and announce that he is going after all the naughty tax evaders (most of whom are using perfectly legal means to shelter their money from greedy Uncle Sam) while standing next to his head of the treasury who is an evader shows unmitigated gaul.

If Americans do not get hot under the collar about this sort of thing, it shows that they are desensitized or just brain dead.  If true Americans do not stand up and put a stop to the madness emanating from the White House we will soon be living in a socialist state.

Couple this with twelve trillion dollars in spending (staggering) and Islamization of our society and you have what amounts to a perfect storm in the form of an administration.  We are heading for danger like this country is not ready to bear under.

Our country cannot handle the interest alone on twelve TRILLION dollars of debt.  We are talking about trillion with a T.  Have the citizens of the United States become so accustom to hearing words like billion and trillion being tossed around that they have lost the understanding of just how much this is?  Or has the Administration and Congress succeeded in making everyone’s ears numb to the sound of the word trillion?  Most calculators will not even go this high and for good reason.  We are not supposed to have to deal with such outrageous numbers.  

Bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia, showing his submission to the king of Mecca, is another point that seems to have gone virtually unmentioned in the mainstream media.  The act of our commander in chief bowing before any dignitary should be enough for alarm, but, this was the highest ranking Islamic Imam/political leader in the world.  To bow before the King of Mecca is, in fact, submitting your country and PEOPLE to Islam.  Why do I feel as if I am shouting into a black hole?  Wake up Americans and realize the danger you face.

April 15 was the start of something good for this country, the people of whom this government is supposed to exist for, and not the other way around, stood up and began a movement.  We need the movement to grow and take hold or our country will be too broke to fight the Islamic Revolution coming our direction, the massive spending will cripple us.  We must no tallow the Republican Party railroad the grassroots movement, this has to be a new and independent move or we will just be in for more of the same.  Lets not forget that the Republican Party had all the right elements to make any change they wanted for several years during the Bush W. Administration, they failed to do so because they have no better intentions.

Build on the American Spirit, not the remnants of a relic of the past.

Joe on April 19th, 2009

Now that the tax day tea parties are behind us it is time to channel the fervor from the participants into something useful.  As expected, the media mostly dismissed the tea parties as being held by disgruntled republicans sore that their party lost the presidential election.  To some degree this may be a valid assessment.  From what I have seen the Republican Party has attempted to capitalize on the events and had a lot to do with promoting the protests.

What America does not need at this point is for the Republican Party to rise from the ashes like some group of purists that were misunderstood and deserve a second chance at leading this country as if they did not have ample opportunity during the past eight years.  The citizens of this fine country deserve better.

The political structure in America is in critical condition, politicians are out for themselves, not the good of the people.  Obama vowed change, we will get change alright, but not the kind we were promised.  We were told the political messiah of the left was going to sweep out the old way of politics in D.C. and usher in a new era of upright and moral governing.  Barf.  Instead, what we are getting is Chicago-style, old fashioned, corrupt politics — again.

The change we are getting from President Obama is that we are now bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, who is considered in the Muslim world as not only the king of a geographical location and Arabic people, he is one of the most highly revered Imams in Islam because his kingdom is the custodian of the supposedly holy city of Mecca.  Add to this that it is the King of Saudi Arabia who invented the Wahhabi sect of Islam that is viewed as a revivalist and purist form of the religion of jihad seeking world domination for their pseudo god.  Bowing, as the leader of the free world, to the preeminent Imam of Wahhabism is to say to Muslims the world over that you and your nation submit themselves to Islam and all it stands for.

President Obama knew full well what he was doing when he bowed before this Islamic leader.

Later in his speech to the Turkish Parliament President Obama proclaimed that the United States is not, nor will it ever be, at war with Islam.  Though Islam is obviously at war with the whole of civilized society, our President fails to have the wherewithal to realize the position the United States and the other free countries of the world are forced into, we are at war with jihadist Islam in every corner of the globe.

Liberalism and a stick-your-head-in-the-sand mentality will not change the direction the world is heading.  Just think for a moment about all the economic problems the world communities are facing, then consider the amount of money spent to defend and secure ourselves from Islamic terrorism.  Billions of dollars are gushing out of the coffers of every freedom loving nation on the planet trying to stem the tide of the Islamic Revolution sweeping the earth.  Why can we not bring ourselves to the point of declaring the obvious, we are at war with a fatalistic system of belief called Islam.   Our leaders must stop bowing and subjecting us to this torture.

We need change, correct change, the kind of change that will bring us security and peace of mind.  Taxes are important, but  there are many issues we face as a nation that if they are not radically dealt with our republic is in danger of collapse.  The politicians that have been leading this country in the past have done serious damage to our welfare and profited from their actions.  It is up to the people to take back control of our political process by electing honest men and women that hate dishonest gain and have truth on their lips.  The citizens of America can no longer afford to vote in the smooth talkers that promise benefits and entitlement programs that we can not support as a nation.

Security from those who seek our destruction, smaller government, a system of fairly taxing the people, these are the things America needs.  We need to broaden the scope of these tea party events and bring the discussion to a level of realism and determination to make this country better and safer.

Joe on April 12th, 2009

Tea parties are catching on like wild fire to use an old cliche.  I have expressed, in my earlier posts, the need for this movement to continue past the moment, beyond the immediate tax season.  If the momentum of this revival of conservatism dies out with the passing of April 15, tax day, then we will have done far more damage than good.  Conservatives are seemingly coming out of the woodwork, to confront the Obama Administration’s tax and spend policies.  What looks to be a formidable number of patriots are putting on their boots and stepping out into open confrontation with our government.  Most Democrats and socialists are looking with disdain and contempt at these late comers, after all, where were they on election day when their messiah won the presidency and a solid majority in Congress.

If this movement looses any steam at all after the five hundred or so protests planned for April 15, there will be laughing and scoffing throughout the leftist organizations throughout this country.  Out of the tea party movement there must rise up a permanent, organized and determined party of citizens that can move this country toward true reform.  More than booksellers and pundits trying to stir up the masses to sell air time, there has to be real Americans, genuine patriots who are sold out on our constitution willing to spend the time, energy, money and sweat to effect the correct kind of change America needs.

Profiteering politicians must be removed from office and replaced with God fearing patriots who hate dishonest gain and are willing to sacrifice of themselves to turn the massive ship called the American government.

As of this writing there are more than five hundred (500) Tea Parties planned across the U.S.A. (see map provided by, many will have socialist counter demonstrations.  Plan to be there, the day falls on the eve of a Biblical Holiday, but, I hope all those celebrating the last day of Unleavened Bread will attend a Tea Party and celebrate afterwards.  All who are able and who understand the slippery slope our country is on must get out and attend a Tea Party, then afterward join with the movement that comes out of this day of rallies.

America needs change, but not the Obama style of destruction of American values.

Joe on April 3rd, 2009

America is in need of a resistance movement, a movement that goes beyond April 15.  The groundswell of grassroots gatherings protesting the taxation and giveaway of that tax money needs not be a flash in the pan.  

This country is in serious trouble, the politicians (you know – the ones who have never held a real job), like stock raiders,  are taking over large corporations as if they know how to run a business.  I suppose the the unions love this move, a democrat-run government operating the helm of the large corporations — a match made in socialist heaven.  

Money is flowing out from D.C. faster than the water of the Potomac River, into the hands of the corporate heads that ran their companies into the ground so they can give bonuses to the department heads that helped them destroy the viability of their enterprise.  Please, somebody pinch me and wake me from this bad dream.

What I do not understand is this, tea parties are springing up everywhere — if so many people were outraged by their leaders in D.C., then where were these people on voting day when Senator Obama was elected President.  Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased as punch top see the tea parties with so many people looking and sounding like true Americans.  I just wish we were not put into this position to begin with, not that there was a truly good choice for a candidate.

Now that we are recognizing the need for real change, correct change if you will, the movement cannot stop after April 15.  If all we accomplish is to hold a lot of gatherings across the country on tax day and get things off our chest for the moment we will have accomplished nothing.  There has long been a need for a movement to truly reform our government.

Tea parties are just the beginning — or they will be the end of all we hold dear.  Politicians are beginning to get the message, they are nervous about this rumble they hear from their hometowns.  President Obama felt the need to hold a prime time news conference to give his spin about his budget before he lobbied Congress the next day, that shows nervousness.  If after making so much progress the people do as is usually the case and back down after the politicians throw a few bones our way and say some nice words about how earnest they are, if we just let this pacify us again then all will be lost and the politicians will not listen to our complaints the next time.

Resolute must be the word in everyone’s mind when they consider attending a tea party April 15.  Resolute, firm and unwavering, not deterred from reaching our goal.  If all someone wants to do is sound off for a day, then save the gas and stay home.  Resolute patriots are what we need to see at the tea parties, people with a purpose, purposing to accomplish turning this country back to her core principles.

If you are a resolute patriot, you need to be getting out the word to everyone you know, family members, work associates, other parents at your children’s schools, church or synagogue members, the guy at the convenience store where you gas up in the morning on your way to work, tell them about the tea party coming up and motivate them to join the movement.  Word of mouth is the least costly and most effective method of advertising, pass it around.

Tea party interactive map with contact information.

Tea party interactive map with contact information. has done us all a great service, they put together a Google Map with hundreds of tea parties on it.  You can locate one close to you and it will give you contact information for the organizers in your town.  The map can be found at .  It is being reported that there are more than three hundred tea parties scheduled for April 15, there is one close enough for everyone to attend one.  If you know of a tea party that is not on the map, contact and give them the information.

Remember, resolute, determined and committed patriots will triumph over the bandits in D.C., anything else and the cause will be lost and our grandchildren will be living in perpetual poverty in a socialist country.

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A tea party scheduled for April, 1, in Fort Myers, Florida has been canceled because the person organizing the event did not realize the need for insurance to get the required permitting.  I am thankful that the original tea party in Boston, and the others around the colonies, did not run into such a stumbling block.  It is a sad state of affairs that local governments forbid the citizens from gathering on such a technicality, this smacks of unconstitutional infringement of freedom to gather and freedom of speech.

Not every citizen is accustomed to the requirements for permitting gatherings such as this, nor should they have to be.  If the local municipality cannot find a method to help promote peaceful gatherings of their citizenry, then they need to step aside and get out of the way.  Someone with more experience in holding public events needs to help these folks out so this event can progress.

Peaceful citizens should not be prevented from gathering, if they number five hundred or five thousand.  The government would love to squelch the independent voices of John (or Jane) Q. Public and stop the tea parties from taking place.  President Obama obviously senses the unrest brewing,  evidenced by his apparent need to address the American Public on prime time television before spending the next day lobbying congressional leaders to pass his outrageous budget proposal.  We are not so easily fooled though, this budget is being criticized, and rightfully so, even by the Democrats – you know it has to be bad for that to happen.

The bottom line is this: if the people cannot gather to express their displeasure with the decisions of their leaders, then there is no check and certainly no balance to what those leaders will do.  America, be warned, as freedom loving patriots we cannot allow the freedom of assembly to be infringed in such a way.  What will be next, permitting the gathering of groups in our homes?  Don’t laugh, this has already been tested with meetings of small home prayer groups.

Americans need to gather freely, if there is a permit or not.  Yes, we prefer to do everything according to the law, but, such laws impede the exercise of free speech and freedom of assembly.  Just ask the Chinese citizens if they appreciate the freedoms we are supposed to have in this country.  This country has gotten far from its core principles and forgets the basics that our forefathers fought and died for, the freedom to gather as a peaceful people and speak our minds about issues we disagree with.  These events are important, if for nothing else, to continue the process of free and open debate on what our elected officials are doing.

April first was not the best of choices for a date to gather, but to cancel an event because of red tape at the permitting department, that shows that there is something wrong with the way we are doing things as a country.

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Joe on March 23rd, 2009

After viewing the evening news programs touting President Obama’s newest massive give away I am absolutely shocked.  The media is rushing to prop up their fallen Messiah, Barak Obama.  Absent from the so-called “news”reports are the stories on the Anti-taxation Tea Parties over the weekend.  

A new plan for the tax payer to take on 96% of the risk while teaming up with private investors who carry UP TO 6% to purchase these “toxic” assets from the banks should bring the promise of the flow of credit from the banks that benefit.  Again, I am hearing the same weak words “we hope”, “we think”, the banks will free up credit after this buy-out of the bad loans these banks made, loans that should have never been made.  After the initial bail-out, when the reasoning behind giving the huge tax money give away to the banks was to free up credit again, we saw the banks absorb the money and thumb their nose to new loans.  One would think, if he was a thinking person, that this time around before any more tax payer money was to flow to the banks there would be a hard and fast guarantee that credit WILL begin to flow afterward.  ”We think”, “we hope”, just is not strong enough for me.

The media will be the last ones to tell the American people the truth of what is happening, their Messiah cannot, and will not, be seen as faltering.  Like in any cult, the real questions are ignored and excused away.  It is up to the people to take back control of their government.  Tea parties are taking place, even if the media will not report on them, or burry them in the second or third section of the paper on page two or three.  In Orlando, Florida nearly five thousand citizens gathered to protest the taxation policies of the president, this is big news, but not big enough for the local paper, the Orlando Sentinel, to mention it anywhere on the front page.  The story was buried in section B, on the inside, it did not even rate the front of the second section.  In a word, unbelievable.

Now we, the people, are going to give tax payer provided relief to banks that do not deserve it and with no promise of or regulation requiring the banks to begin making new loans to bring the country out of this mess.  Sounds like a good time for another tea party.

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Joe on March 23rd, 2009

April 19, 2009, there will be a tea party in Miami beginning at bicentennial Park at noon.

A flier being circulated reads: “In opposition to reckless spending, oppressive taxes and the transformation of our Republic.”

The patriots will march from Bicentennial Park to the Freedom Tower, then return for a tea ceremony and reading of the Declaration of Independence.

This should be a productive event, I have been to rallies in Miami and the locals there are very active. More information will be made available on this blog as it is available.

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Joe on March 22nd, 2009

Tea bags for Congress?  Tea for President Oabama?  It may sound silly, even simplistic, to mail a tea bag to Washington.  I wonder what most people thought of the idea of throwing tea into Boston Harbor in 1773, how effective did they expect that to be?

To Be Ecologically Correct Send Green Tea

To Be Ecologically Correct Send Green Tea

Congress and President Obama have gone wild, the time has come for everyone to make a stand and resist the socialistic agenda and greed of the politicians.  Last year the focus was on President Bush and how he presumably had run the economy into the ground, but, it was congress that penned and passed the bailout of Wall Street, the banks and insurance companies.  It was Congress that placed the wording into law that allowed for the billions of dollars to be handed over with no accountability and little restraint.

President Obama is now continuing the work he started as a Senator who voted for the initial bailout package by allowing for the millions of dollars provided to AIG to be used for exorbitant bonuses for executives that drove their company to virtual bankruptcy. 

Tea parties are springing up across the United States as Americans, true patriots, are outraged about the willie-nillie spending of money, that our country does not have, strapping our children, grand children and great-grand children with trillions of dollars of debt. This money is not going to help those in need, instead, the money has been handed over to Wall Street tycoons and credit institutions deemed “too big to fail.” After absorbing the first round of bailout money these businesses set out to remodel their CEO’s offices and purchase new corporate jets when the intent was that they would begin to loosen up credit so the economy could rebound.  Instead of using the public money  to serve the dire need of the citizens who provided it these institutions pocketed the change and hoarded their newfound cash.  

One has to ask himself — how much of this money will eventually wind up in the hands (or bank accounts) of the politicians.  We need to be keenly on the lookout for this in the future. will stand behind and follow the national move toward regaining our freedom from unfair taxation as citizens rise up and tell our politicians that enough is enough. As tea parties spring up from home town to home town Congress will begin to take notice. One tea party at a time, we can, yes we can, take our nation back.

A move is on to send tea bags to the White House and Congress so they will get the clear message that America will not tolerate being taxed to death to put trillions of dollars into the hands of irresponsible corporate heads who have willfully run their businesses into the ground.

President Obama must understand that his plan to tax everyone to pay for these handouts is a failed policy. Our government needs to get back to being the public servants they were supposed to be. A government for the people, no longer a people for the government.  The proverbial cart must be put back behind the horse.

The time to act is now, send your tea bags now, do not wait until April as some are recommending, it takes a couple of weeks for such items to make it through the screening process in our capitol. Send bags to your representatives and to the Obama administration at the White House, do it today.

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This past week has begun the inevitable groundswell of public outcry that promises to bring correct change to the United States.  With the free-for-all of monetary give-aways coming out of the Congress and White House the people are saying ENOUGH.

5,000 Gather in Orlando, FL   CFN13

5,000 Gather in Orlando, FL CFN13

President Obama ran on a ticket promising “change”, promising to bring about genuine reform to the politics as usual in the U.S. Government.  What the voters seem to be getting instead is more of the same old-style political game playing that has hamstrung this country for far too long.

Huge unimaginable amounts of money has been given away to the largest corporations and banks in the world in the form of a bailout, given with no controls or accountability.

Orlando, FL by Jay Stannard

Orlando, FL by Jay Stannard

Who is going to be targeted to pay for this generosity of our politicians?  The common man and woman is going to be strapped with the mounting bill for this atrocity.  Taxes are going to be raised on EVERY American, much needed services will be starved of funds because the trillions of dollars going to the corporations has to come from somewhere.

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman



Saturday March 21, 2009, thousands of Americans, patriotic as the day is long, gathered in protest of the massive government giveaways.  In Orlando, Florida close to five thousand (5,000) gathered at the Lake Eola Park in the center of town.  Waving American flags and protesting in the spirit of the 1773 Boston Tea Party the Floridians were calling for the money madness to stop.  Signs complaining of “taxation without deliberation” and bemoaning the socialistic overtones coming out of Washington, D.C..


Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Protests were held in various cities across the United States gathering hundreds of fed-up citizens.  Ridgefield, CT, close to 300; Lexington, KY, aprox. 500; Raliegh, NC, 400 gathered on the State Capital steps


Orlando, Florida musician lloyd Marcus has penned an American Tea Party Anthem for people to rally to:

The American Tea Party Anthem  (

Tea bags are being mailed into the White House and Congressional offices making the clear statement that Americans are not willing to allow this out of control spending without restraint to continue.

If you know of an upcoming tea party in your area contact us and let us know the details or leave a comment to this posting.

Until the citizens regain control of their government we will never get the correct change from Washington.

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