This year we have a single shot at recovering our Republic, we can get it right or loose everything. The Liberals fully recognize this as well.

This November the ballots will list several conservative candidates, and some look-a-likes. All summer long the Liberals have been infiltrating the Tea Party movement hoping to dilute the conservative message and cause confusion. I have seen several come and go. The Liberals see their opportunity to ruin our Constitutional basis now that the White House has the most liberal, even socialist, President in power. Mr. Obama has proven his reckless disregard for what the American people want and shown how far he is willing to go to deliver his ideologic agenda. These are sobering times for conservatives.

If conservatives are to succeed in this election we must discern the wolves who are being dressed up in the costume of a sheep. We must recognize who is doing the dressing for these wolves and be willing to act with determination to pull our support from the candidates and those who prop them up.

One such case has come to the forefront: Harry Reid and the NRA, yes the NRA. The National Rifle Association has announced that they are not going to endorse Harry Reid (to do so would be far too liberal a move for the mostly conservative association), neither will the NRA endorse Reid’s conservative opponent, Sharon Angle, even though Angle has scored 100% on the NRA pro-gun questionnaire. The NRA has donated close to the legal limit to the Reid campaign and has published a lauding article about Reid in the association’s publication, The American Rifleman.

The NRA has chosen not to endorse either candidate, while propping up the outrageously liberal Harry Reid. Dressing Reid in sheep’s clothing does not make him any more gun-friendly or conservative. The NRA’s actions have revealed a lot about the association’s moral fiber and their ethics when it comes to politics. I recommend you contact the NRA and let them know you do not appreciate their duplicitousness.

This cartoon published by tells it like it really is:

Cartoon of a NRA and Harry Reid Reality Check

Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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