This past week President Obama and his Congressional Cronies have been posturing for the big finale, the nuclear option. President Obama has pushed the nuclear launch button, asking Congress to schedule what he continues to label “an up or down vote” on the Health Care Reform (HCR) Bill.

Up or down? How about Democrat or Republican. Just who does Obama think he is fooling? This vote will be accomplished via the process of reconciliation, a process never intended for this sort of legislation. The hoops that have to be jumped through to allow this bill to be voted on by reconciliation are enormous. The smoke and mirrors that will need to be utilized in order to get HCR to fit into reconciliation is mind boggling, just as the Democrats want it to be. President Obama and the Democratic leadership are hoping to confuse the American public so they will not realize the massive shift to socialism they are forcing on the United States. The Democrats realize that this is the only time they will ever have this sort of opportunity to begin the process toward socialized medicine, they will sacrifice their own political lives in order to pass this bill. It is going to take drastic measures to prevent this from happening.

Mr. Obama presents to Americans that he was big hearted enough to allow the Republican lawmakers seven whole hours to discus HCR. What inclusion! King Obama granted an audience to his Republican underlings, for seven grievous hours the liberal messiah allowed his rivals to voice their opposition to his darling HCR. How sickening! How utterly sickening! After the horse is out of the barn Obama allowed Republicans to chase the wild and untamed stallion around in circles for seven hours. Then when the messiah had tired of being so good-willed he slammed the door shut to any real debate declaring that the other side just is not interested in cooperating. In reality, the Republicans committed to pursuing a new bill based on the 70% of common ground, an offer roundly rejected by Mr. Obama.

In all his arrogance the President has slandered the Republicans by saying that they just want to delay reform from reaching Americans, claiming that America just cannot wait. It is the liberals that just do not want to wait, they would miss their chance at socialism. Keep in mind, if it were not for the election of Scott Brown we would have a finished bill already. Obama has further said that the Republicans are more interested in helping the insurance companies than the American people, why then did they offer to build a new bill that would defeat them. In his usual “divide and conquer” mentality Obama is attempting to drive a philosophical wedge between the Republicans and the vast majority of Americans who do not want his bill. Obama, reportedly a Marxist in his college days, is hoping to finally realize the biggest move to Marxism in our lifetimes, in fact, the lifetime of the Republic. This man does not care what he has to do to get this socialist victory. I believe he would knowingly push this country to civil war again if he had to to get this bill passed.

Ignoring the voice of We the People, Americans across this great land, Obama and his liberal friends are poised to go nuclear as soon as possible. If Americans do not protest in the loudest possible means against this bill it will become a harsh reality. Patriots throughout the U.S. need to quickly band together in unison to make their voice deafening to every politician in D.C. today. While we are concentrating our time and effort toward campaigning for conservative newcomers the left hopes to split our attention and dilute our ability to focus on fighting this ominous legislation. We will have to work overtime to accomplish both, and succeed we must.

Today the GOP released a video address by Dr. Parker Griffith (R-AL) who, until December, was a Democrat. Rep. Griffith defected the liberal party because they were determined, in opposition to the will of We the People, to ram HCR through Congress. Mr. Griffith is a medical doctor and knows the pandemonium this bill will cause for health care in the United States.

Dr. Griffith has taken the tremendous step of standing on principle, warning America to come out to fight this monster we face. The biggest opportunity the GOP had to turn the tide on Obama and Pelosi has been missed. The Republicans should have immediately introduced a “new” bill to begin working on after the “Health Care Summit.” After making the clear case that there was 70% of material to agree upon, a new bill would have begun at that point and would have allowed genuine debate and ¬†interaction between the parties to develop a bill America could live with. Sadly, the opportunity, like so many before, was missed and now the Republican Party is playing defense again.

I realize the difficulty the TEA Party movement has with the Republican Party calling the shots, and rightfully so, but this is one case where we need to rally together to defeat this socialist agenda. We the People need to rise up and let Washington know, in no uncertain terms, that there will be hell to pay for allowing this bill to go through the process of reconciliation. Obama has set his course, the Republicans are out, and the progressives are trudging forward to their perceived victory. The only thing that can possibly stand in the way of Obama’s HCR becoming a deadly reality is we the People.

The misinformation campaign is in full swing and the liberals are pulling out all their media and internet magic to persuade the less discerning of American society to get out and fight to get their socialism through Congress. If the conservatives do not fight even harder they will loose this battle, lets face it, we are in a deficit and have to come up from behind to make anywhere near the splash that the libs will. During his campaign ¬†Obama depended on the youth who do not have as great a history and therefore a memory of the dangers of socialism to go out and vote for him. All that was needed was a few nice sounding catch phrases, like “yes we can,” and “change,” or “hope” to package his misinformation propaganda in and the campuses were abuzz. These spiffy sound bites mean absolutely nothing in the realm of reality, as we have all learned since the inauguration. There has been no “change” and there is no “hope of any coming, and “yes we can” has transformed into yes we will, ram this down your throat. The youth of America was duped and they are realizing it, and they do not like having been used in such a terrible way.

The conservatives in this country are going to have to come up with a tremendous movement to defeat this socialist medicine from being implemented. Patriots across the United States will have to rise up, and often, during the process about to unfold and shout louder than ever before if we hope to defeat Obama’s cronies in Congress. They have the numbers and if they are willing to fall on their own swords to get this bill through, they can do it.

Politico has published a list of ten Congressional leaders that would be key to defeating HCR, the article can be found here. For easy reference this is the list in the order they present them:

Pennsylvana Rep. Kathleen Dahlkemper

Indiana Rep. Brad Ellsworth

West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd

North Carolina Rep. Larry Kissell

New York Rep. Michael Arcuri

Vice president Joe Biden

Washington State Rep. Brian Baird

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva

Florida Rep. Allen Boyd

Virginia Dem. Sen. Jim Webb

Vice President Biden is vital in the operation of both houses of Congress and could sway the votes either way, not to mention that he is a bit of a loose cannon and could very well derail Obama’s train if he so chose. If you live any the districts of any of these leaders you may want to work extra hard on them to sway their votes and influence. If you do not live in their districts you can call their offices and apply pressure, they most likely will not receive email or postal mail from any address other than from their home district.

We the People can make a difference, if we get out like our lives depend on it. Indeed, our children’s future does depend on our involvement. Call the White House every day and call your representatives every day until this bill is absolutely dead.

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