While we are glued to the “Health Care Reform Summit” today I saw this video from PajamasTV about Obama’s use of his personal logo. The health care debate is pretty much going as we all figured it would. Republicans are getting one minute for every two the Dems are taking. When a Republican finally does get to talk he is cut off by the President and told that is the wrong topic, they don’t want to hear a list of what the public does not like bout the bill. “?” WTH, what the heck, what are they there for?

Barack Obama's Web Background Image

Background image from the BarackObama.com website

Any way, here is a little something to break up the redundancy of the day for you. This video is a serious discussion on the powerful icon that Obama is using. The points are all gems and you may want to view the video several times to let the seriousness of the message sink in. Obama has usurped the historical and meaningful icons of the Presidency. You have heard the saying “words matter,” even more so pictures matter. Icons speak with out uttering a word and leave an indelible impression on the brain.

Please view this video and after doing so leave a comment about what you think of the message. Like so many other things Obama has uprooted and trashed, our sovereignty, our stance as a Christian Nation and subjugating his office to the King of Islam this issue about our Presidential Seal and Obama’s logo is important.

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