I received an inspiration for this article when I saw this little tidbit on a blog called “Kibitzette” (http://kibitzette.com):


A Nevada primary election in 1986:

On the ballot voters voting for Democrat for state treasurer had quite a choice.

Any of five candidates.

List of five candidates – OR – A space marked “None of the above”

“None of the above” FINISHED FIRST!!”

When I saw this story recounted, I did not verify the story because it just exemplifies our situation today. The reason Barack Husein Obama got elected is because there was no place to vote for “None of the Above.” Our political climate in the United States is in a sorry state, in the conservative side of the aisle there just wasn’t a good enough candidate to win the Presidency.

Obama refers to the Republican Party as the “party of no,” wrong as he may be there is some value to those words. The Republican Party is the party of no good candidates and no good platform. The Republican Party no longer represents the conservative grassroots American.

The every-day conservative today is frustrated by the party of no, disappointed by the vacuum of values that has set in at the right side of the aisle. Let down and despondent many people voted for “change,” hoping that there was some truth in the promises of Obama. The McCain/Palin ticket failed to pursue the enemy with vigor and determination. McCain did not loose because he was not competent, he lost because he lost the will to fight. Quiet determination is not appropriate in a presidential campaign, what McCain needed was to listen to the little known jewel he selected for his running mate, Sarah Palin. Palin wanted to go after the fight with the same vigor she approaches sports with, the attitude to win, to fight with everything you have.

Now, don’t think this is a patent endorsement of Sarah Palin, it is not. Palin lacks some qualities I feel are required for a president, needing to write your main ideals on your hand before an interview does not speak to how much these things are burning in her heart. When our president is dealing with world leaders I would hope that he or she does not need to look at the notes on their palm to answer questions in the heat of the negotiations.

What I am looking for is the spirited patriot who has a burning desire to lead this country. I am sick of the teleprompter-addicted speech giver who cannot speak from his belly. If there is a message in your heart you don’t need a script to deliver it. Plain spoken, to the point delivery of simple truths, constitutional and fundamental realities are what our founding fathers campaigned on. Nowadays our politicians run on a platform of giving whatever handout a given group wants to give their vote.

Our country is in poor shape. The liberals have been working to overthrow this republic for a long time, they are focused and well funded. The conservatives who believe in what the Union was built upon are splintered, divided over so many smaller issues. I know these “smaller issues” are not small at all to the individual who feels strongly about them. I do not mean to demean these issues, I just want to point out that we are loosing our republic because we cannot come together to accomplish the greater good. Christians want a Christian president, those in the center want a centrist in office, we are loosing the battle because we are fighting ourselves while the leftist liberals sit back sipping their late.

We need leaders that support a constitutional republic. It is within this framework that all our individual pursuits are able to be realized. If we preserve our freedoms we will have an environment in which to debate and argue our points until we resolve our differences. In order to have a “union” it is necessary to put don some of the lesser things that divide us. Unity does not just happen on its own, it is fought for and struggled over.

As the TEA Party movement goes forth let us all come together in a spirit of unity with the purpose of preserving our Union. Look for issues we can pull together for and agree to disagree if we must over the rest. If, as a nation, we get back to the fundamental basics our forefathers strove for and handed down to our generation we will prevail. To coin a phrase, “Yes We Can.” We can return to American values, state sovereignty, Federal minimization, and individual freedoms. None of the above is not where we need to be, see you at the next TEA Party.

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