Scene of the signing of the Constitution of the United States

Scene at the signing of the Constitution of the United States

Aesop penned the phrase long ago, but, it is still just as true today as when it was first put to print. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” contains a lesson for us in this modern setting no less important today than it has been in every conflict over the millennia.

There has been much discussion among TEA Party movement patriots about not allowing anyone to force the movement into another political party. The National Tea Party Convention being held in Nashville this weekend has been the target of some of the meanest denunciations, almost as bad as has been made toward the Obama Administration. There are legitimate claims on both sides of the argument about this convention.
We need to be careful of wolves in shepherd’s clothing. The TEA Party movement, a force comprised of patriots who have finally had enough of the bureaucracy that has been stealing our freedoms and our money has but one chance to get it right. If the movement fails to win back the Congress in a substantial way the momentum will likely diminish and the TEA Party groups may dissolve. Allowing the WRONG leadership to band the movement together could be tragic. Unfortunately, we do not have long to maximize the effectiveness of the TEA Parties, November 2 is it. While we do need to be careful, we cannot wait forever for a charismatic “somebody” to rise up from the masses.

Then there is the danger of  the Republican Party trying to corral the TEA Party participants into their organization. The Republican Party is only slightly better than the Democratic Party, both are to blame for getting our nation into the condition we find ourselves in. To let the TEA Party evolve into some kind of right side of the Republican Party would be a disaster and would perpetuate the same-old problems in D.C, not fixing anything.

The dilemma we face is that if we do not unite in some fashion we will not be able to make the impression on the Washington gridlock that our nation needs. United we stand, but, divided we fall. In order for the TEA Party groups to successfully place their candidates into Congress they will have to band together as a unified force, at least on a state wide level or congressional district level. These days it takes more than a district to pay for advertising and fund a good campaign that will win. You can be sure the Democratic Party will be behind their candidates on a national level providing funding where they feel it is needed most. Judging from Obama’s treasure chest during his campaign their funding will be a force to be reckoned with.

The bottom line is this, the TEA Party cannot be successful without unifying under some organizational structure. If the National Tea Party Convention is successful at training people to help organize the movement it may be a good thing. I do not profess to have an answer to just who it is that needs to take center stage in the movement, but, we do not have much time to figure it out. We should all be open to suggestions right about now.

For us to take the White House in 2012 there will have to be a national cohesion for that election. Such a national platform will require that we either reform the Republican Party (not likely to happen in reality) or develop a new party of some sort. For a new party to be formed it will take time to do it properly, but we do not have that luxury. The movement needs leaders now.

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