I found this on a Twitter “tweet” from “duchess_rebecca” and thought it was a good representation of what the founding fathers were experiencing when they penned the Declaration of Independence. I also thought of how the frustration level has, once again, reached fever pitch.

I do believe we may just accomplish ousting a good portion of “career politicians” in this next election. And yes, Mr. President and Mrs. Pelozi, it is too late to apologize.

11-2 is our rally point in this year, every event of the TEA Party movement this year should be focused on finding, energizing and electing good, honest citizens to lead this country into the next decade. We must do a better job of getting young, old, middle-aged, people out to vote than the liberals did this past election. If you have a child in college, sit them down and give them a good lesson on civics and the Constitution. Teach the youth about the struggle to free this soil from a burdensome and tyrannical government. We the People can.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Correctchange: Too Late to Apologize: http://is.gd/7Flkv This video is so funny, yet so straightforwardly right for today’s sentiment….

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