In the wake of the election where Scott Brown was voted into office on the wings of a national outcry to halt Health Care Reform President Obama seems to have heard the people loud and clear. The question yet to be answered is: Does he get the message? Indications are that the President is pulling back, distancing himself, from the Health Care Reform debate — for now.

Ominous signals are being sent from Washington, Nancy Pelosi came out the day after the Massachusetts special election and proclaimed that Congress does not have the votes to pass the bill in it’s current form. Apparently, Mrs. Pelosi did not get the message from the groundswell surrounding the Massachusetts vote. After such a resounding declaration that the American public is against the Health Care Reform in its current form one would think all parties would step back and announce that there will be a new direction taken henceforth. It seems that Madam Speaker is yet determined to ram some version of the current legislation through no matter what Americans want. We, the people, need to understand that pushing this bill through was still being discussed among Democrats. These liberal Democrats have no concern for what the citizens of this country want.

President Obama has been doing the two-step around the question of what to do next with Health Care Reform in light of the referendum in Massachusetts. In his interview with George Stephanopoulos Wednesday morning Mr. Obama was asked to elaborate on his plans for Health Care Reform and the president, if you listen to what he said, sidestepped the issue and reasserted that he intends to pursue a reform bill very much like its present form.¬†When George asked the President to clarify whether he was advocating that the House just push through the Senate bill Mr. Obama responded: “I think it is very important for the House to make its determinations. I think, right now, they’re feeling obviously unsettled and there were a bunch of provisions in the Senate bill that they didn’t like, and so I can’t force them to do that. Now I will tell you, and I’ve said this before, that the House and the Senate bill overlap about 90 percent.” Obama cannot force the House to push the package through, the two bills overlap 90 percent. Apparently, our President did not get the message from Massachusetts. What the President was saying is, if he could force the House to push the Senate bill through, he would, after all, as he sees it, they overlap 90 percent.

Earlier in the interview Obama said “I would advise that we try to move quickly to coalesce around those elements of the package that people agree on.” As usual, our president is being duplicitous in his dealings with the American people. Mr. Obama has a smooth way of presenting his case and making it sound as if he is on your side, all the while, he fully intends to follow his original plan no matter what the consequences. In the President’s mind, Congress still needs to ram a bill through, without due diligence and bipartisan support. The only difference between Monday and Thursday — is three days.

What the Patriots of America need to realize is that this president is as dangerous with or without his supermajority in Congress. Nancy Pelosi is just a crazed today as she was on Monday, before the Massachusetts election on Tuesday. The socialists in our country have spent many years positioning themselves to be able to overturn our constitution, they do not intend to allow one Republican Senator getting elected to stop them.

Mr. Obama had the audacity to express that his opinion of the American citizenry is that they are simple minded. In trying to explain away the anger and frustration among voters the president said in his interview that people are frustrated because of what had happened “not just because of what’s happened in the last two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.” He went on to say “from their perspective — the only thing that happens [in Washington] is that we bail out the banks.” We are expected to believe that Americans are frustrated only because of what George Bush did during his terms as president, not because of anything Mr. Obama might have done.To further insult the intelligence of the citizens of this fine country the president stated his opinion that Americans think the only thing that our politicians have done to attempt to revive our economy is to bail out the banks.

Again, our President is not hearing what is being said throughout the country today. Americans realize that there is more going on in Washington than banks getting a handout with no accountability. There has been plenty going on in our halls of Congress and the White House; infrastructure jobs were dolled out to large highway construction companies — with little to no effect on the overall economy; there was much talk about transparency, mostly from behind closed doors; our only ally in he Middle East, Israel, has been treated as a puppet state; a second round of infrastructure construction projects was proposed by the President, since it was realized that the first did little to stimulate our economy; the President has apologized to the whole world for all that the U.S. does, to the point that they are sick of hearing it; we have gone from fighting wars to having “contingency operations,” and the war on terror has faded away all together; ¬†trillions of dollars have been spent with many more being proposed. Yes, there has been a lot going on in Washington, and no, Americans are not angry and frustrated over just one issue, and no matter how much you explain things to conservatives they still think for themselves.

What is obvious after the past two days is that President Obama does hear what America is saying, he simply does not care — he does not get the message. The Democratic Party, with it’s President, is bent on following their socialist agenda and they do not care if we, the people, like it or not. One new Senator is not going to stop the Obama-Pelosi ramrod. Chicago-style arm twisting and back-room dealings will continue to be the “change” we get from Washington. Our best recourse is to vote out enough of the liberal power base and vote in God-fearing constitution-loving Americans. Then it will not matter so much if he gets the message or not, the President will have been contained and the damage he can do to our constitution will be minimized.

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