Today we have seen a victory for consevativism with the election in Massachusetts. Not only did Scott Brown win the Senate seat for the great people of his state, but, the seat that was previously a strong support for liberalism is now in the hands of conservatives. We all hope Mr. Brown will be true to his commitments during his campaign to be the vote in our Senate for the people, not for interest groups.

The TEA Party movement must now take advantage of the heightened interest in the political process and in conservativism in general. We can take back our country, if we do not allow the movement to become railroaded by the Republican Party. Conservatives across this great country are waking up to the reality that their very way of life is at stake. The Obama Administration has scared the pants off of most fence-sitters, causing them to stand on the side of the conservative TEA PArty movement. For too long our government has been run by the two party system of Democrats and Republicans. Now is the time to change this, what is needed is a new party, a party of constitutionally based conservatives.

Now is the time to begin defining what this party will look like. We have a few short months remaining until the November elections when Congressional seats will be decided, either liberal or conservative. Democrats will be pouring all their resources to attempt to regain control of Congress, we cannot allow this to happen. Our children’s future depends on this next election. Today is the day to begin to win the November elections.

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