Scott Brown is now Senator Brown, the latest addition to the Republican side of the Senate. Around 9:30 p.m. Martha Coakley called Brown to concede the race. I am sure jaws were dropping in the Obama residence about that same time.

Now the question of how the Democrats will handle this news, will they pass the Senate bill as-is to keep from having to vote on a compromise bill? Mr. Obama originally stated emphatically that he would not accept anything short of a bipartisan health care bill, but, when the bill ran into trouble in the Congress one Republican vote was all that was required to call the bill bipartisan. In the Senate the bill passed had no Republican support, not one vote, Obama did not say he would not accept it because it was not bipartisan. How the scale slides when the resistance mounts.

Now, barring any untimely deaths or defection from the Republican block the health reform bill is as good as dead. Be sure to encourage your Republican Congressional leaders to maintain their health.

Welcome to D.C. Senator Brown.

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