About this time it is proper to voice a warning about keeping our guard up in relation to the Obama Administration. The Earthquake in Haiti is nothing short of a national disaster of epic proportions for that poor and underdeveloped nation. The plight of the Haitians is heartbreaking and rightfully so.

The news outlets have been clogged with reports showing the devastation and suffering of the masses in Haiti. With the thirst among Americans for coverage on the Haitian crisis there has been little time for any other news stories. Don’t think for a moment that President Obama is not keenly aware of this fact. Don’t think for that same moment that President Obama will not capitalize on this opportunity wherein the cameras are turned toward Haiti.

Just after the earthquake in Haiti Mr. Obama had a working session on the developing health care bill with congressional leaders — eight hours long. This extremely long meeting, one that should have set off alarm bells across this country, received only a mention to describe where our president was for the day. No discussion was heard about the topics discussed or results coming forth from this meeting or just who was present — and who may not have been invited.

Tomorrow, Sunday, President Obama will spend the day campaigning for the loosing Democratic Senate candidate in the Massachusetts race. With such a daunting humanitarian crisis that, by default on behalf of the Hatian government, has become the responsibility of the United States is it appropriate for our Commander in Chief to be out kissing babies? Will the cameras of the national media pick up on this taxpayer-provided campaign effort, not likely.

The Sunday morning political shows are scheduled to cover the Haitian crisis in detail, not much time will be left to cover our president who will be traveling, along with his expensive security detail, to make a few speeches for a faltering Senate hopeful. We certainly need to watch this administration like a hawk for the next few weeks, until the Haiti crisis looses news appeal. I can’t wait until we discover what is now going on in the White House while our attention as a nation is turned.

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