America is in a precarious position; we have elected the most liberal president in history and provided him with a virtually unstoppable majority in Congress.  The foxes are now officially ruling the hen house.

In a short time our new president has succeeded in turning our Homeland Security Department into a McCarthy era team of witch hunters, improved the jihadist terrorist training manual on interrogation techniques, submitted our nation to Islam by bowing to the King of Mecca, made the executive decision that we are no longer a Judeo-Christian nation, pushed our only friend in the Middle Eastern Islamic Sea, Israel, down a river with no paddle, spent us into oblivion with his budget, plunged us into debt that will take two generations to even begin to pay off, rashly closing of Gitmo before establishing a workable plan on how to do so,  nationalized our banks and auto manufacturers…..  And that is only the things that have made the headlines!  Just think how many things Obama has done quietly behind closed doors.

Tax tea parties are not going to stop this insanity.  Americans will come out to protest if you can show them that they will have to pay fifty dollars more in taxes, they historically do not get motivated if it does not take money from their pocket.  This is exactly what this president and his Congressional cohorts are counting on.

What this Administration is doing to this country, the higher taxes, the ten-trillion dollar spending, the left wing ideologues in appointed seats from one end of Washington to the other, are all going to set the U.S. so far back it will take decades to recover.  This president is tearing down a foreign policy that has taken two hundred years to build up.

The grass roots movement of the tea parties has to adopt a wider lens to view the political landscape.  Taxes are only a small part of what “change” we are getting from Obama.  There are more issues with higher levels of importance than just a few extra dollars in tax.  The president’s inclination toward some version of Islam and kissing up to Arab dictators causes terrible concern and outright danger to America and the American way of life.

Let’s broaden the platform of the tea parties before July 4, when the next major event is scheduled.  We must make it known to Obama that we do not accept his kowtowing to Islamic terror supporters and thugs.  We do not want Homeland Security turning into a population control arm of the White House.  Let’s remind Israel that we are friends and a support in the front lines of the war on terror.  Let’s tell the Islamic despots of the Arab nations where to go.  We MUST take control of the hen house again.

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