President Obama, flanked by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman anounced the new measures the Administration is launching to close the tax loopholes and catch the dirty evaders, how utterly preposterous.  Standing there on the stage was the chief evader himself, Mr. Geithner.

I know I have said this before, but, this country needs a genuine resistance movement.  Our president has audacity alright, but not for hope, he has in your face – I’m going to stick it to you whether you like it or not audacity.  To stand in front of the nation and announce that he is going after all the naughty tax evaders (most of whom are using perfectly legal means to shelter their money from greedy Uncle Sam) while standing next to his head of the treasury who is an evader shows unmitigated gaul.

If Americans do not get hot under the collar about this sort of thing, it shows that they are desensitized or just brain dead.  If true Americans do not stand up and put a stop to the madness emanating from the White House we will soon be living in a socialist state.

Couple this with twelve trillion dollars in spending (staggering) and Islamization of our society and you have what amounts to a perfect storm in the form of an administration.  We are heading for danger like this country is not ready to bear under.

Our country cannot handle the interest alone on twelve TRILLION dollars of debt.  We are talking about trillion with a T.  Have the citizens of the United States become so accustom to hearing words like billion and trillion being tossed around that they have lost the understanding of just how much this is?  Or has the Administration and Congress succeeded in making everyone’s ears numb to the sound of the word trillion?  Most calculators will not even go this high and for good reason.  We are not supposed to have to deal with such outrageous numbers.  

Bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia, showing his submission to the king of Mecca, is another point that seems to have gone virtually unmentioned in the mainstream media.  The act of our commander in chief bowing before any dignitary should be enough for alarm, but, this was the highest ranking Islamic Imam/political leader in the world.  To bow before the King of Mecca is, in fact, submitting your country and PEOPLE to Islam.  Why do I feel as if I am shouting into a black hole?  Wake up Americans and realize the danger you face.

April 15 was the start of something good for this country, the people of whom this government is supposed to exist for, and not the other way around, stood up and began a movement.  We need the movement to grow and take hold or our country will be too broke to fight the Islamic Revolution coming our direction, the massive spending will cripple us.  We must no tallow the Republican Party railroad the grassroots movement, this has to be a new and independent move or we will just be in for more of the same.  Lets not forget that the Republican Party had all the right elements to make any change they wanted for several years during the Bush W. Administration, they failed to do so because they have no better intentions.

Build on the American Spirit, not the remnants of a relic of the past.

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