Now that the tax day tea parties are behind us it is time to channel the fervor from the participants into something useful.  As expected, the media mostly dismissed the tea parties as being held by disgruntled republicans sore that their party lost the presidential election.  To some degree this may be a valid assessment.  From what I have seen the Republican Party has attempted to capitalize on the events and had a lot to do with promoting the protests.

What America does not need at this point is for the Republican Party to rise from the ashes like some group of purists that were misunderstood and deserve a second chance at leading this country as if they did not have ample opportunity during the past eight years.  The citizens of this fine country deserve better.

The political structure in America is in critical condition, politicians are out for themselves, not the good of the people.  Obama vowed change, we will get change alright, but not the kind we were promised.  We were told the political messiah of the left was going to sweep out the old way of politics in D.C. and usher in a new era of upright and moral governing.  Barf.  Instead, what we are getting is Chicago-style, old fashioned, corrupt politics — again.

The change we are getting from President Obama is that we are now bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, who is considered in the Muslim world as not only the king of a geographical location and Arabic people, he is one of the most highly revered Imams in Islam because his kingdom is the custodian of the supposedly holy city of Mecca.  Add to this that it is the King of Saudi Arabia who invented the Wahhabi sect of Islam that is viewed as a revivalist and purist form of the religion of jihad seeking world domination for their pseudo god.  Bowing, as the leader of the free world, to the preeminent Imam of Wahhabism is to say to Muslims the world over that you and your nation submit themselves to Islam and all it stands for.

President Obama knew full well what he was doing when he bowed before this Islamic leader.

Later in his speech to the Turkish Parliament President Obama proclaimed that the United States is not, nor will it ever be, at war with Islam.  Though Islam is obviously at war with the whole of civilized society, our President fails to have the wherewithal to realize the position the United States and the other free countries of the world are forced into, we are at war with jihadist Islam in every corner of the globe.

Liberalism and a stick-your-head-in-the-sand mentality will not change the direction the world is heading.  Just think for a moment about all the economic problems the world communities are facing, then consider the amount of money spent to defend and secure ourselves from Islamic terrorism.  Billions of dollars are gushing out of the coffers of every freedom loving nation on the planet trying to stem the tide of the Islamic Revolution sweeping the earth.  Why can we not bring ourselves to the point of declaring the obvious, we are at war with a fatalistic system of belief called Islam.   Our leaders must stop bowing and subjecting us to this torture.

We need change, correct change, the kind of change that will bring us security and peace of mind.  Taxes are important, but  there are many issues we face as a nation that if they are not radically dealt with our republic is in danger of collapse.  The politicians that have been leading this country in the past have done serious damage to our welfare and profited from their actions.  It is up to the people to take back control of our political process by electing honest men and women that hate dishonest gain and have truth on their lips.  The citizens of America can no longer afford to vote in the smooth talkers that promise benefits and entitlement programs that we can not support as a nation.

Security from those who seek our destruction, smaller government, a system of fairly taxing the people, these are the things America needs.  We need to broaden the scope of these tea party events and bring the discussion to a level of realism and determination to make this country better and safer.

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