Tea parties are catching on like wild fire to use an old cliche.  I have expressed, in my earlier posts, the need for this movement to continue past the moment, beyond the immediate tax season.  If the momentum of this revival of conservatism dies out with the passing of April 15, tax day, then we will have done far more damage than good.  Conservatives are seemingly coming out of the woodwork, to confront the Obama Administration’s tax and spend policies.  What looks to be a formidable number of patriots are putting on their boots and stepping out into open confrontation with our government.  Most Democrats and socialists are looking with disdain and contempt at these late comers, after all, where were they on election day when their messiah won the presidency and a solid majority in Congress.

If this movement looses any steam at all after the five hundred or so protests planned for April 15, there will be laughing and scoffing throughout the leftist organizations throughout this country.  Out of the tea party movement there must rise up a permanent, organized and determined party of citizens that can move this country toward true reform.  More than booksellers and pundits trying to stir up the masses to sell air time, there has to be real Americans, genuine patriots who are sold out on our constitution willing to spend the time, energy, money and sweat to effect the correct kind of change America needs.

Profiteering politicians must be removed from office and replaced with God fearing patriots who hate dishonest gain and are willing to sacrifice of themselves to turn the massive ship called the American government.

As of this writing there are more than five hundred (500) Tea Parties planned across the U.S.A. (see map provided by FreedomWorks.org: http://tinyurl.com/cghcfm), many will have socialist counter demonstrations.  Plan to be there, the day falls on the eve of a Biblical Holiday, but, I hope all those celebrating the last day of Unleavened Bread will attend a Tea Party and celebrate afterwards.  All who are able and who understand the slippery slope our country is on must get out and attend a Tea Party, then afterward join with the movement that comes out of this day of rallies.

America needs change, but not the Obama style of destruction of American values.

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