America is in need of a resistance movement, a movement that goes beyond April 15.  The groundswell of grassroots gatherings protesting the taxation and giveaway of that tax money needs not be a flash in the pan.  

This country is in serious trouble, the politicians (you know – the ones who have never held a real job), like stock raiders,  are taking over large corporations as if they know how to run a business.  I suppose the the unions love this move, a democrat-run government operating the helm of the large corporations — a match made in socialist heaven.  

Money is flowing out from D.C. faster than the water of the Potomac River, into the hands of the corporate heads that ran their companies into the ground so they can give bonuses to the department heads that helped them destroy the viability of their enterprise.  Please, somebody pinch me and wake me from this bad dream.

What I do not understand is this, tea parties are springing up everywhere — if so many people were outraged by their leaders in D.C., then where were these people on voting day when Senator Obama was elected President.  Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased as punch top see the tea parties with so many people looking and sounding like true Americans.  I just wish we were not put into this position to begin with, not that there was a truly good choice for a candidate.

Now that we are recognizing the need for real change, correct change if you will, the movement cannot stop after April 15.  If all we accomplish is to hold a lot of gatherings across the country on tax day and get things off our chest for the moment we will have accomplished nothing.  There has long been a need for a movement to truly reform our government.

Tea parties are just the beginning — or they will be the end of all we hold dear.  Politicians are beginning to get the message, they are nervous about this rumble they hear from their hometowns.  President Obama felt the need to hold a prime time news conference to give his spin about his budget before he lobbied Congress the next day, that shows nervousness.  If after making so much progress the people do as is usually the case and back down after the politicians throw a few bones our way and say some nice words about how earnest they are, if we just let this pacify us again then all will be lost and the politicians will not listen to our complaints the next time.

Resolute must be the word in everyone’s mind when they consider attending a tea party April 15.  Resolute, firm and unwavering, not deterred from reaching our goal.  If all someone wants to do is sound off for a day, then save the gas and stay home.  Resolute patriots are what we need to see at the tea parties, people with a purpose, purposing to accomplish turning this country back to her core principles.

If you are a resolute patriot, you need to be getting out the word to everyone you know, family members, work associates, other parents at your children’s schools, church or synagogue members, the guy at the convenience store where you gas up in the morning on your way to work, tell them about the tea party coming up and motivate them to join the movement.  Word of mouth is the least costly and most effective method of advertising, pass it around.

Tea party interactive map with contact information.

Tea party interactive map with contact information. has done us all a great service, they put together a Google Map with hundreds of tea parties on it.  You can locate one close to you and it will give you contact information for the organizers in your town.  The map can be found at .  It is being reported that there are more than three hundred tea parties scheduled for April 15, there is one close enough for everyone to attend one.  If you know of a tea party that is not on the map, contact and give them the information.

Remember, resolute, determined and committed patriots will triumph over the bandits in D.C., anything else and the cause will be lost and our grandchildren will be living in perpetual poverty in a socialist country.

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