A tea party scheduled for April, 1, in Fort Myers, Florida has been canceled because the person organizing the event did not realize the need for insurance to get the required permitting.  I am thankful that the original tea party in Boston, and the others around the colonies, did not run into such a stumbling block.  It is a sad state of affairs that local governments forbid the citizens from gathering on such a technicality, this smacks of unconstitutional infringement of freedom to gather and freedom of speech.

Not every citizen is accustomed to the requirements for permitting gatherings such as this, nor should they have to be.  If the local municipality cannot find a method to help promote peaceful gatherings of their citizenry, then they need to step aside and get out of the way.  Someone with more experience in holding public events needs to help these folks out so this event can progress.

Peaceful citizens should not be prevented from gathering, if they number five hundred or five thousand.  The government would love to squelch the independent voices of John (or Jane) Q. Public and stop the tea parties from taking place.  President Obama obviously senses the unrest brewing,  evidenced by his apparent need to address the American Public on prime time television before spending the next day lobbying congressional leaders to pass his outrageous budget proposal.  We are not so easily fooled though, this budget is being criticized, and rightfully so, even by the Democrats – you know it has to be bad for that to happen.

The bottom line is this: if the people cannot gather to express their displeasure with the decisions of their leaders, then there is no check and certainly no balance to what those leaders will do.  America, be warned, as freedom loving patriots we cannot allow the freedom of assembly to be infringed in such a way.  What will be next, permitting the gathering of groups in our homes?  Don’t laugh, this has already been tested with meetings of small home prayer groups.

Americans need to gather freely, if there is a permit or not.  Yes, we prefer to do everything according to the law, but, such laws impede the exercise of free speech and freedom of assembly.  Just ask the Chinese citizens if they appreciate the freedoms we are supposed to have in this country.  This country has gotten far from its core principles and forgets the basics that our forefathers fought and died for, the freedom to gather as a peaceful people and speak our minds about issues we disagree with.  These events are important, if for nothing else, to continue the process of free and open debate on what our elected officials are doing.

April first was not the best of choices for a date to gather, but to cancel an event because of red tape at the permitting department, that shows that there is something wrong with the way we are doing things as a country.

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