After viewing the evening news programs touting President Obama’s newest massive give away I am absolutely shocked.  The media is rushing to prop up their fallen Messiah, Barak Obama.  Absent from the so-called “news”reports are the stories on the Anti-taxation Tea Parties over the weekend.  

A new plan for the tax payer to take on 96% of the risk while teaming up with private investors who carry UP TO 6% to purchase these “toxic” assets from the banks should bring the promise of the flow of credit from the banks that benefit.  Again, I am hearing the same weak words “we hope”, “we think”, the banks will free up credit after this buy-out of the bad loans these banks made, loans that should have never been made.  After the initial bail-out, when the reasoning behind giving the huge tax money give away to the banks was to free up credit again, we saw the banks absorb the money and thumb their nose to new loans.  One would think, if he was a thinking person, that this time around before any more tax payer money was to flow to the banks there would be a hard and fast guarantee that credit WILL begin to flow afterward.  ”We think”, “we hope”, just is not strong enough for me.

The media will be the last ones to tell the American people the truth of what is happening, their Messiah cannot, and will not, be seen as faltering.  Like in any cult, the real questions are ignored and excused away.  It is up to the people to take back control of their government.  Tea parties are taking place, even if the media will not report on them, or burry them in the second or third section of the paper on page two or three.  In Orlando, Florida nearly five thousand citizens gathered to protest the taxation policies of the president, this is big news, but not big enough for the local paper, the Orlando Sentinel, to mention it anywhere on the front page.  The story was buried in section B, on the inside, it did not even rate the front of the second section.  In a word, unbelievable.

Now we, the people, are going to give tax payer provided relief to banks that do not deserve it and with no promise of or regulation requiring the banks to begin making new loans to bring the country out of this mess.  Sounds like a good time for another tea party.

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