This past week has begun the inevitable groundswell of public outcry that promises to bring correct change to the United States.  With the free-for-all of monetary give-aways coming out of the Congress and White House the people are saying ENOUGH.

5,000 Gather in Orlando, FL   CFN13

5,000 Gather in Orlando, FL CFN13

President Obama ran on a ticket promising “change”, promising to bring about genuine reform to the politics as usual in the U.S. Government.  What the voters seem to be getting instead is more of the same old-style political game playing that has hamstrung this country for far too long.

Huge unimaginable amounts of money has been given away to the largest corporations and banks in the world in the form of a bailout, given with no controls or accountability.

Orlando, FL by Jay Stannard

Orlando, FL by Jay Stannard

Who is going to be targeted to pay for this generosity of our politicians?  The common man and woman is going to be strapped with the mounting bill for this atrocity.  Taxes are going to be raised on EVERY American, much needed services will be starved of funds because the trillions of dollars going to the corporations has to come from somewhere.

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman



Saturday March 21, 2009, thousands of Americans, patriotic as the day is long, gathered in protest of the massive government giveaways.  In Orlando, Florida close to five thousand (5,000) gathered at the Lake Eola Park in the center of town.  Waving American flags and protesting in the spirit of the 1773 Boston Tea Party the Floridians were calling for the money madness to stop.  Signs complaining of “taxation without deliberation” and bemoaning the socialistic overtones coming out of Washington, D.C..


Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Orlando, FL by Gabe Chapman

Protests were held in various cities across the United States gathering hundreds of fed-up citizens.  Ridgefield, CT, close to 300; Lexington, KY, aprox. 500; Raliegh, NC, 400 gathered on the State Capital steps


Orlando, Florida musician lloyd Marcus has penned an American Tea Party Anthem for people to rally to:

The American Tea Party Anthem  (

Tea bags are being mailed into the White House and Congressional offices making the clear statement that Americans are not willing to allow this out of control spending without restraint to continue.

If you know of an upcoming tea party in your area contact us and let us know the details or leave a comment to this posting.

Until the citizens regain control of their government we will never get the correct change from Washington.

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