Tea bags for Congress?  Tea for President Oabama?  It may sound silly, even simplistic, to mail a tea bag to Washington.  I wonder what most people thought of the idea of throwing tea into Boston Harbor in 1773, how effective did they expect that to be?

To Be Ecologically Correct Send Green Tea

To Be Ecologically Correct Send Green Tea

Congress and President Obama have gone wild, the time has come for everyone to make a stand and resist the socialistic agenda and greed of the politicians.  Last year the focus was on President Bush and how he presumably had run the economy into the ground, but, it was congress that penned and passed the bailout of Wall Street, the banks and insurance companies.  It was Congress that placed the wording into law that allowed for the billions of dollars to be handed over with no accountability and little restraint.

President Obama is now continuing the work he started as a Senator who voted for the initial bailout package by allowing for the millions of dollars provided to AIG to be used for exorbitant bonuses for executives that drove their company to virtual bankruptcy. 

Tea parties are springing up across the United States as Americans, true patriots, are outraged about the willie-nillie spending of money, that our country does not have, strapping our children, grand children and great-grand children with trillions of dollars of debt. This money is not going to help those in need, instead, the money has been handed over to Wall Street tycoons and credit institutions deemed “too big to fail.” After absorbing the first round of bailout money these businesses set out to remodel their CEO’s offices and purchase new corporate jets when the intent was that they would begin to loosen up credit so the economy could rebound.  Instead of using the public money  to serve the dire need of the citizens who provided it these institutions pocketed the change and hoarded their newfound cash.  

One has to ask himself — how much of this money will eventually wind up in the hands (or bank accounts) of the politicians.  We need to be keenly on the lookout for this in the future.

teaparty.yepperee.com will stand behind and follow the national move toward regaining our freedom from unfair taxation as citizens rise up and tell our politicians that enough is enough. As tea parties spring up from home town to home town Congress will begin to take notice. One tea party at a time, we can, yes we can, take our nation back.


A move is on to send tea bags to the White House and Congress so they will get the clear message that America will not tolerate being taxed to death to put trillions of dollars into the hands of irresponsible corporate heads who have willfully run their businesses into the ground.

President Obama must understand that his plan to tax everyone to pay for these handouts is a failed policy. Our government needs to get back to being the public servants they were supposed to be. A government for the people, no longer a people for the government.  The proverbial cart must be put back behind the horse.

The time to act is now, send your tea bags now, do not wait until April as some are recommending, it takes a couple of weeks for such items to make it through the screening process in our capitol. Send bags to your representatives and to the Obama administration at the White House, do it today.

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